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Way back when, film fans have had difficulty finding movie soundtracks that are available on vinyl. Recently, the vinyl format has seen a resurgence, and even Zavvi and Amazon are involved with it. The format is “hip” again, and most film scores are now recorded on them.

If you’re wanting to join the bandwagon of vinyl “connoisseurs,” these record player reviews will help you get started. And here, we take a look at three of the best movie soundtracks that ought to be played on those spinners.

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Released in October 2003, the 16 track vinyl soundtrack was used in the movie (you guessed it) Kill Bill Volume 1. Yes, that Quentin Tarantino martial arts movie with a samurai wielding Uma Thurman in a yellow tracksuit. The Kill Bill soundtrack comprises of music that are like snippets of different genres.

Overall, the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack is great for the graphic movie, and there seems to be no better hodgepodge of tunes that could have been used. All the songs in the track list perfectly fit the scenes in which they were used — they just blended really well with the kung-fu/samurai flick.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Limited Edition Red Vinyl

The 19 track limited edition red vinyl was released in 2010, and was used in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, a fantasy action-comedy shown the same year. The limited edition is the only Scott Pilgrim soundtrack on vinyl, and so it is highly sought. The soundtrack is made up of original songs, one of which is a tune composed by the rock legend Beck. “Black Sheep,” an unreleased track by Canadian rock band Metric, is also featured on the soundtrack.

The director of the movie is reported to have said that it took them almost two years to compile the tracklist. The compilation soundtrack compliments the movie theme very well and is something you should add to your collection if you don’t have it already.

Empire Records Limited Edition Gold Vinyl

The 15 track soundtrack to the 1995 musical comedy directed by Allan Moyle has only been released on vinyl once, in April 2012 by A&M records. The release was limited to five thousand copies only on a see-through gold vinyl for Record Store Day.

The record has a very 90’s feel that includes rock bands like: The Cranberries, Drill, Cracker, Gin Blossoms, Luster, Coyote Shivers, and Better Than Ezra, among others. It’s a solidly engineered vinyl worth spinning on the best record player, and reviews will tell you so.

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