Recording Studio Equipment Reviews

Here, you’ll actually find reviews within a review. Yes, we’ll be like the Inception movie in this post — we’re going meta with this one. And we also had to make an article relevant to Leonardo DiCaprio, since he finally won an Oscar recently. This is besides the fact that we think that his BFF Kate Winslet is still smoking hot (we think the same way about Ellen Page).

Now, before we get carried away with talking about girls, let’s talk about music. You see, the past few weeks, we have read a lot about recording studio equipment on the interwebs. This is for a new side project of ours, which is a sort of band like the Eagles of Death Metal. But most critiques are biased, so below, we share one of the few that aren’t.

The most helpful reviews of home studio equipment are at the Random Life Music (RLM) blog. The first thing that we noticed is that it only focuses on 6 categories of equipment. In contrast, most websites offer a gazillion choices, maybe because they think that more entries mean more chances of selling something to people. But such thinking is counterintuitive, because to begin with, most people are already overwhelmed by all the available options. This is especially true for beginners and those who are strapped for cash (yeah, that’s us).

Speaking of selling, most other reviews have really cheesy sales b*tches pitches. When you read one of those, it’s hard not to think that they are being paid by the manufacturer of the audio interface, microphone, studio monitors, etc. That said, RLM is also getting a commission when you buy something through the products that it links out to. But still, the writing seems pretty unbiased because the cons of the products are discussed even if they might hurt the sale. Furthermore, there’s a footer link that takes you to a page that discloses the commissions.

Now that we have mentioned something about cons, we’d like to point out one about the RLM reviews. We just think that it would have been even better if it had video demos of the recording equipment (like the one below). And we found this surprising actually, since the other reviews on the blog (about guitars and turntables) have lots of demo videos on them.

Nevertheless, the reviews of home recording equipment at RLM are still far and away more helpful than most other online resource. It is comprehensive and long, but it’s easy to navigate (internal links help you jump between the main equipment list and the specific sections like headphone reviews). So if ever you have to buy recording tools yourself, checking out the blog might help.

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