Our Deadpool Movie Review

We know. It’s already almost a month since Deadpool was first shown on theaters. Nonetheless, this review is for those who still haven’t seen it yet. Not that you could still watch it in your friendly neighborhood movie house. But there’s hope — according to Cinema Blend, the Blu-Ray is set to be released this coming May 20. Until then, you can make do with funny parodies like the one below.

Didn’t get most of the jokes in the video above? The more reason for you to grab the disc when it comes out, because you’re missing out on all the giggles and warm fuzzy feelings that could be had. But if you are still not convinced, then this review is what’s needed for a hopeless case like you. This a roundup of sorts, so it actually features unbiased comments from our friends Wilson and Weasel.


Ryan Reynolds is the man! That bloke sure looks really handsome, even after an avocado thing. Definitely a face that anyone would want to sh*t sit on. And the b*tt shot — man, I haven’t even talked about that yet. And I won’t, sorry. You just have to see it to believe it. It’s one of the best parts of the film and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone. Ryan Reynolds FTW!


This movie has the best supporting cast ever! T.J. Miller was just brilliant in playing Deadpool’s BFF. You could really see the pain in his eyes when he first saw Deadpool’s disfigured face. And the part where he patiently explained emojis? How many friends can still do that without making you feel stupid? If ever Facebook’s new emojis don’t fly, they should do a Shake Weighty infomercial with Miller.

Roundup Wrap-up

The comments above were collected during intellectually conducive situations — in this case, a party with really loud music. They are the insights distilled from such friends while having a meaningful discussion over beer. Their opinions have been published mostly untouched, but were nonetheless subjected to the high editorial standards of Bill and Al. For more helpful reviews like this, visit us again.

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